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Nike LunarGlide 3 Livestrong Running Shoe

So for the last year or so I was using the Nike Lunar Glide 2 running shoe(mens), and was happy as a clam once they (and my feet) broke-in. But once some of the pads on the soles began to fall off, I decided to get another pair, but Nike discontinued the 2, and I needed to get the closest rendition, the Nike Lunar Glide 3.
Ooof! Ow ow ow ouch! After the first run, my calves tightened up. Ok, maybe I just needed to loosen the shoe, be patient, it’ll come. Then besides my calves, the soles of my feet & arches began to ache. A couple weeks later, and now my achilles are aching.
I had backed off, no reason to push hard when there is pain. (but I am supposed to run right? that’s why I bought the shoes.) A few weeks later I ran a 5k on the beach, and wore my old Lunar Glide 2s. Beach races can sometimes fill your shoes with water, and I didn’t want to damage my new pair of Lunar Glide 3s. The day after the 5k, my feet felt fine. Two days later, I ran 5ks in the neighborhood in my 3s, and the next day I could barely walk.
Surely at some point the Lunar Glide 3s were going to have to break-in. Surely? Maybe? Possibly? Hopefully?
Tonight I came home, moved my sensor from my 3s to my 2s, and ran 5ks. Sore? A tiny bit. But not like the pain I got from the 3’s. So now I’m just going to go back to using my 2’s until my feet are 100%, and maybe from time-to-time use my 3s.
I’ve checked forums, and it doesn’t seem like anybody is having these achy-breaky foot problems. So if you are out there, and somehow stumbled upon this post about pain and the Nike Lunar Glide 3, you are not alone.

*1-21-2013 Update: These shoes are so painful, that even wearing them for 30 minutes to cut the grass makes my feet & calfs ache. The only positive I take away from the experience is that I need to put more thought into my shoes, especially sole flexibility.