Monthly Archives: October 2011

My Secret

I hate running.
I hate getting started, the first few steps are horrible.
My knees ache.
I can feel every ounce of fat on my body shake.
My lungs start to feel bad.
I can hear my breathing, even though I’m wearing headphones.
It’s boring, so very very boring.
It seems like time is standing still.
Random thoughts go through my head, some good, some bad.
And then I get to a point where I’m running and I have no thoughts in my head.
My feet are still moving, I have no idea how my ipod got to this song, or what song was playing before it.
I’ve snapped out of something, and I tell myself that I must have been daydreaming, and that I should pick up the pace.
But if I was daydreaming, what was the dream?
There was no dream.
It was emptiness, and that’s not a bad thing.
For once my mind shuts off, and my body is on auto-pilot.
Eventually I’m done. I’ve finished the distance I wanted & my time is acceptable.
I won a race, and I was the only participant.