Daily Archives: October 20, 2012

Not Running the St Pete Creaky Bones 2012 5k

I contacted one of the organizers of the St Pete Creaky Bones 2012 race and discovered that they did in fact alter the start of the 5k race, but not enough to entice me to enter the event.

Last years St Pete Creaky Bones started at The Pier, and ran a lap behind the Pier before it headed into St Petersburg. The road around The Pier is narrow, it has parked cars, it has tourists milling about.

This year they will start the race behind The Pier, around the side of the structure before it heads toward town. It’s a fun nightime race, but that time stuck at The Pier is a letdown for me.

I suffer from arthritis, and the Creaky Bones proceeds go towards arthritis causes, is organized by arthritis.org, I now can appreciate what a life in pain is like, but I can’t get behind that lap behind The Pier.

The event will be a success, a nightrun is fun, I just don’t see me entering. Maybe next year.