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Random 5 Mile Run on the Beach

I’ve run 5k races on the beach before, and soon realized that running in the sand can be pretty tough.

Recently I had run 10 miles in my neighborhood, and figured I could run a little farther on the beach. Not 10 miles on the beach farther, but at least a run farther than 3 miles. The southbound leg of four kilometers was a slow, even pace. Touched the jetty on the south-end of Pass-A-Grille Beach, and began the return leg north. Brutal.

The wind was blowing me backwards the whole way. Very demanding, very slow slog back to the Dolphin Beach parking access. Glad I did it. I’m thinking of it as a strength builder. Both mental & physical. There were a few times when that internal voice was telling me to stop.

All in preparation for the February Rock ‘N Roll Half-Marathon.

Nike Free Run 3 iD

Nike Free Run 3 iD, originally uploaded by porkfork6.

Quick review.
I have been running in a pair of Nike Free Run 2’s, and I have really come to enjoy them. Since my other Nike shoes have all been consistent in size, I thought it would be fun to have a pair customized. (Which is why you see the words “FAT” & “BOY” on the tongues.) It took about a month to take delivery of the shoes, which is the expected turnaround time. But found out instantly, that the difference between Nike Free Run 2’s and Nike Free Run 3’s is size.
Nike Free Run 3’s run at least a half size small. If you are going to stay with the Free Runs, but want the Nike iD customized shoes, you will probable want to go to your local running shoe store and get your new shoe size first. (before I get trolled, the Nike shoe sizes have been so consistent that I have been ordering their shoes online, so this size difference is a surprise)
I went to the local Fit to Run shoe store and bought a pair of, off the shelf, Nike Free Run 3’s (tennis ball green) 2012 USA Olympic Team green. A half size bigger.
"Fat Boy" shoes were tool small, had to get Olympic green.

Cut-to a week later, and still in breaking the shoes (and my feet) in. Which means I haven’t run in the Free Run 3s yet. Besides the size difference compared to Free Run 2s, another big difference is the elimination of the one-piece, booty construction, and the introduction of a tongue. Gotta say I like the one piece booty, and could do without the tongue. I’ll take them for a test run this week, and tap out a few more words afterward.

11-18-2012: Still have yet to run in the FR3s. Just as in the FR2s, the heel is soft and flexible so there is a slightly different part of the shoe that is touching my heel. Not wanting to run the risk of a blister, I’m waiting till the callous on foot fully develops before I run.