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Nike Free Run 3 Review Continued

4-17-2013 Update: I can see by the stats that people are doing searches for the Nike Free 3. The Nike FR3 was a shoe that was not meant for my feet. There are people that liked them. After a 4-6 week break-in period, I only ever got to run in them a couple times. They were too narrow, and the heel binding had created a huge callous. I eventually abandoned them, and the wife will take them to Goodwill. Some shoes just don’t work out. The rest of the review is below.

The initial review of the Nike Free Run 3 is located here. For the most part that review dealt with the size issue of the Nike Free Run 3 compared to all previous Nike running shoes. In essence, if you order your sneakers online you will need to go to the store for a proper fitting, as the Nike Free Run 3 runs very small.

The break-in period has been the longest I’ve experienced for a pair of shoes. I keep several pairs of shoes active in my rotation, so my feet have enough callous built-up overall that it’s not usually a problem. The Nike Free Run Heels bind in a slightly different spot compared to my Nike Free Run 2’s. So much so, that it took a month-and-a-half of short walks in order to build up a big callous on my heel. Not a huge issue, I’d rather have healthy feet than blisters.

Shoe construction: The older Nike Free Run 2 is a single piece, booty type construction (no tongue). The Nike Free Run 3 is a conventional tongue design shoe, and you feel the tongue on the top of your feet. As I ran, the tongue began to shift to the outside of my foot, and that bunching up cut the circulation to my feet. Even though the shoes weren’t tied tight, the bunching of the tongue put my feet to sleep.

Are the shoes bad? Not totally. I will adjust and acclimate to them, but in my opinion the single piece booty-type construction of the Free Run 2 was far superior to the tongue-cut of the Free Run 3. By the time I wear out this pair Free Run 3’s I hope Nike will have reverted back to the booty design. Otherwise I will have to look for a different shoe. 2.5 Stars out of a possible 5.