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Nike Free 5.0 (the return of the boot) 2013 Review

Nike Free 5.0

I purchased these on April 6, 2013, so this is just a quick note about them. If you remember the Nike Free Run 2 was a booty-type design, and liked it, well the 5.0 is the return of the booty!

The sole: I have had foot and calf problems when running in shoes with a stiff sole. Like past iterations of the Nike Free Runs the sole of the Free 5.0 is very flexible, which is something I like a lot! The 5.0 sole has the internal cut-out for the Nike Plus shoe sensor. I don’t think the 4.0 & 3.0 have enough thickness to tolerate the sensor, but that isn’t a problem if you buy the velcro packet that attaches to the laces. For those that don’t know what the Nike Plus system is, it simply is a geek system that allows a person to study/monitor their running. If you are buying these shoes to live & work you don’t need the Nike Plus sensor.

Like the Nike Free RunĀ 3, the Nike Free 5.0 runs narrow. To combat that, the lacing system of the Nike Free 5.0 allows for the ability to run less tension, but still tie it off securely. (I could never find a lacing for the Nike Free Run 3 that allowed me to be comfortable. Even when untied!)

If you have a wide foot, I would find a shoe store that allows you 30 days to test the shoe in real world running.

I don’t do the amount of running that I use to do, but I still need cardio shoes, so I’m going to try and break these shoes in. (my Nike Free Run 2 are tearing and falling off the bone) I really do hope these shoes loosen up width-wise.

*update* Went for a short speed walk during lunch today, no problems. I had wrinkles in the heels of my Free Run 3 that caused blisters. For the 5.0, Nike has replaced a swath of that heel material with a breathable material that doesn’t bind or wrinkle. So that is good. Later I used them for 40 minutes on an elliptical, and had no problems. I’m liking these shoes.

Viva the boot!