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There is no shade on the Pinellas Trail 10k

Total drag ass performance, ugh.

First Impression Garmin Forerunner 220

I was heading out the door to go for a run, when the delivery truck arrived. After quickly looking at the instructions, I connected the Garmin Forerunner 220 to the computer. The instructions are very clear that you need to charge it to 100%. The watch showed 86% charge, close enough.
I hurriedly punched in my personal info, age, weight, stuff like that.
With my old Nike Sportwatch on one arm, and the Garmin on the other, I noticed the weight difference immediately. The Nike was bulkier. To be fair the Nike is a design that was a few years older. The Garmin came out late 2013.
Besides weight the Garmin has a smaller profile. It’s easy to forget that you are even wearing it. In unpacking videos people were indoors and had a little difficulty getting a GPS signal the first time. That didn’t happen to me.
When it comes to researching fitness gadgets, all paths lead to I also had read amazon reviews, and watched a few youtube videos.
Let me try to keep this short, and offer more later. So far, so good. It was easy to use the first time out.
A week+ has gone by, and I’ve used the FR220 quite a few times. The FR220 has taken anywhere from a minute to three minutes to lock-on to satellites. My old Nike Sportwatch usually only took thirty seconds. No biggie, it gives me a little more time to stretch.
The FR220 has a feature that attaches is via bluetooth to your smart device, with which it would enable people to remotely follow you during your run. This bluetooth capability is limited to newer iPhones, and only a couple android devices.
Still, the watch is good, the app is a fail. No biggie on the app. I don’t need it, and people aren’t interested in monitoring me as I waddle down the street.
I got to figure the watch was designed a couple years ago with features in mind, either it’s just an after thought, or Garmin is getting money from Apple for app feature exclusivity. What evs. No big deal.
I still like the watch, and I wear it all the time. As a straight up watch, it holds it’s charge for days-n-days.

*4/5/2014 UPDATE Another little oddball item about this watch, happens at the start of a run. You queue up the watch, it connects to the satellites, the light-band goes all green, then to the all zero begin run screen. To begin the watch, you have to click the run button. The watch let’s out an audible chirp, but nothing happens. Three times now (once during a race), I begin the run and I look down just to make sure, but the watch is still stuck on the all zero screen.

So a little tip folks, don’t just push the button, hear the chirp, and expect all is well. It’s not. You’ll have to mash that button a few times till the green arrow displays. Again, no biggie, just a useless fail-safe, that adds an extra failure point.

And the latest stats from

Just Got a Garmin Forerunner 220 – First Run

It was a slow painful slog.

St Pete Grand Prix 5k

I’ll flesh this post out a little more later on today, but the St Pete GP 5k was finally announced this week. It’ll be held Friday March 28th 2014.

From there, things get fuzzy. The link above says race start time is 6:30, the registration window says 6:15pm.

There was little race info given on the St Pete GP website, so I contacted the organizer referenced on that page and was given info that didn’t make a whole lot of 5k race sense.

The article makes no mention of the start/finish line, advance packet pick-up, or if there will be a courtesy Friday Grand Prix general admission ticket.

I emailed the contact on the info page and was told:

  1. Start/finish line will be at the traditional point near the Vinoy (same as previous years).
  2. There will be NO ADVANCE PACKET PICK-UP
  3. No courtesy Friday practice grand prix ticket.

The no advance packet pick-up is a problem, and hints that the organizers may not fully understand what race organization involves. May.

After I went for a run, I came back did another google search, and found an info page for the registration site, and THAT page makes a whole lot of 5k race sense, and I’m going to ignore what the out of state organizer was saying.

The info page on the registration site spells it all out, complete with an advance packet pick-up, free Friday GP practice ticket….all that.

Looks like all the organizational stuff will be handled by Fit2run in St Pete.

Sorry for any confusion that the out of state organizer gave me. Situation normal.

And That Wraps Up the Month of February 2014

In the past year, I was getting mileage, but it was slow mileage. This month started badly with a continuance of a bug that was being passed around at work.

Hopefully in March I can get another 50 miles, and that my pace will improve.