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Had Some Good Runs, Had Some Bad Runs

At least I ran.

Still On Pace For Another Month

I’m losing a few days of running due to the weather, but I’m still on pace for another 50 mile month. I know, I know, it’s not that much. But with these old arthritic knees, it’ll have to be good enough.

Running Into the Wind is Challenging

Running Stats are Moving Up

2014 Firestone Grand Prix 5k

One of my favorite runs, is getting to run the St Pete Indycar track in downtown St Pete. In an earlier post I was talking about a few organizational issues that were confusing this race. In the end those issues didn’t matter, but finding out facts was a problem.
When I picked-up my race packet early Friday morning, part of the swag bag was not one, but three Indycar Friday Practice general admission tickets! Cool. Went to the track, got some nice pics.
It was windy all day, but come the 6:30 start time, the air was dead still and the humidity was a little on the sticky side.
I got passed early & often, and didn’t really settle into a group until the third kilometer. I was a little put off that I couldn’t seem to get by a big guy. Not a fat guy. This guy was built like a football player. At that 3rd kilometer point he began to do the walk & run intervals. And he did real well with that technique. I don’t think I was able to put him behind me till the end of the fourth kilometer.
The last straight to the finish is a couple blocks long, and the group I was in had increased their pace. I had my doubts whether I should try to improve my own pace, then figured, what the hell.
Once up on my toes and opened my stride, the finish line came up fast, and I was really happy with that final push. My final time was only a minute-and-a-half off my PR.

Race Results courtesy