Monthly Archives: May 2014

Just Trying Out the WordPress Music Player

GoDaddy limits file size to 8mb, so this is songs that I like, that are smaller than 8mb.

I Got a Peaceful, Easy, Feeling…

All right, it was more like just an easy run. The last time I went out for a 10k run, it was too damn hot, and I had to quit after 8k. Not this time.
A few weeks ago I was diagnosed with kidney cancer, and now it’s just a matter of time till surgery to remove it, might talk about it later. Anyhow, took it easy on the pace today, no records, just got out there and ran (jogged) non-stop.

Moved Up 5 Spots On a Strava Segment

Okay, so it’s a segment that comes early, and kind of leaves me gassed for the rest of the the run. I Like Lasagna.

Disable Java Updates

Are you annoyed by the endless java prompts? Everybody is. The changes you make to the java control panel don’t stick, do they? It used to be that in Windows 7 you could go through the start menu, type in “java control” and when you it came up, you could right-click on it, select “run as administrator” and then make the changes so that you wouldn’t be bothered again.

Of course Oracle changed it. Not by much though. Windows 7 start menu, type in “java,” look for “Configure Java,” right-click, run as administrator, and under the update tab make your changes, apply, ok….

javaThat should be it. I’m not an IT guy, just a guy that hates being harassed by all the update prompts. When I googled, how to stop the prompts, the fixes were too complex for me to deal with. This is a user level simple fix.

This Run Meant a Lot to Me