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2014 SPRR St Pete Beach Summer 5k Race 1

At the beginning of May I was diagnosed with kidney cancer. It was a large tumor, that hadn’t spread, but it did need to come out. On May 27th I had a partial robotic surgery, meaning it was minimally invasive, and they only had to remove part of my kidney. No chemo, no radiation. I am lucky.
The first race of the race series fell on the 27th of June. One month to the day after surgery. My stamina had taken a huge hit, my legs were no longer as strong and that means more arthritis knee pain.
The night of the race, I parked the car and began the walk to the number pick-up table. Clouds had moved in, bringing the temperatures down, then suddenly the wind blasted me in the face. Weather was going to be a factor.
And boy was it! The race is run on the beach, half of it southbound, the turnaround just before the Don Cesar and then proceed north back to the start/finish line. The wind was brisk coming from the south, and for a big guy like me, it’s a challenge. At the 1.5 kilometer mark there was a massive blast of wind from the south. Then the rain began to spit.
At the turnaround point, it became obvious that I was going to get rained on. I’ve run in the wind before. Usually you feel it when you run into the wind, but I have never felt the wind at my back. Till this race. I was actually getting a wind assist, but when the wind gets that bad here in Florida, it usually means that a massive amount of rain is falling out of the sky, and it is forcing the air out from underneath.
Whoosh! And like that I was soaked. The rain came down, I had very little stamina, the lightning was hitting just a few hundred meters off the beach. I had four walking segments, not a very good showing on my part, but I started the summer with cancer, had surgery, and now I was back to doing something I really enjoy. Running these summer beach races!

Race Results Courtesy of CoolRunning

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Nike Free 5.0 Reviews

Looks like Nike changed so many things in a shoe that wasn’t broken, and now they have a lot of unhappy customers.

I don’t have a pair of this latest generation 5.0, so I can’t weigh in.