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It’s Been Two Months Since Surgery, and I’m Still Recovering 10k

Short recap, at the end of May I had part of my kidney removed due to cancer. I have never been fast, getting old, arthritis… So after a month of not really running, I’m getting hampered my minor aches & pains just trying to get back to where I was. Oh well, still alive I guess.
Tried a 10k. The first 5 went fine, the 2nd 5 kilometers were miserable. The clouds had burned off, and the temperatures had jumped up. It got to the point, where I would run for a couple hundred meters, then walk for a minute. Gotta keep plugging away, I suppose.

First Impression Saucony Kinvara 5

Ran a couple 5k’s in them, not sure if it’s the shoe, but the arch in my left foot is a little sore. Otherwise, I like the shoes.
Events worked out that kept me from running for a couple days, and the arch pain had lessened. Yay! Wore the Sauconys today for a 10k run. Not a very good run, but still.
The surface was road asphalt of varying quality. When I would wear my Nike Free 5.0’s my feet would begin to feel the rough patches and heat from the asphalt. Seeing that the Nike Free 5.0’s are somewhat minimalist and have a very soft sole, feeling the asphalt is to be expected. With the Sauconys I didn’t have any uncomfortable feedback coming thru the sole to the bottom of my feet. So that is nice.
No blisters, no rubs, no hot spots. There is the ever-so-slightest patch on one part of my foot that I can feel, but it’s not red, raw, or blistered. I think my foot got sweaty, and the sock/foot/shoe connection got grippy, and might have led to a blister, had I been out longer.
People have complimented me on the color of the shoe, not sure if they are being sarcastic, or just taken aback by the bright color. Another random note, the Kinvara 5 somewhat remind me of my old Nike Air Pegasus 28’s from a couple years back. But the Pegasus 28 is heavier than the Kinvara 5.
So far, I’m very pleased with the Saucony.

**9-4-2019 Update**

I’ve worn the Kinvara’s a lot, and I had an increase in calf pain. But just my right calf. I went back to running in my Nike Free 5.0, and the pain has gone away. I have arthritis in my knee, so I have a peculiar stride, so may also be a factor. My approach with the Kinvara’s will be to run in them until calf pain, then switch back to the Free 5.0. Hopefully my leg adapt to the shoe.

Trying Out the Saucony Kinvara 5

Saucony Kinvara 5

Oh the first world problem of finding a new running shoe. Will they be comfortable? Will there be hot spots? Will there be, the ultimate dread, blisters?
I’m a Nike guy and have been for a while, but I wanted to try another manufacturer. Told the salesperson at the local running store, that I wanted something lite, with a flexible sole. So now I’m going to give these Kinvara 5’s a go.

On a side note about Nike Free 5.0: The salesperson brought out the latest generation of Nike Free 5.0.

  • damn, the color scheme was wretched
  • they have a tongue – it’s 2014 Nike, ditch the tongue
  • the “tight across the top” complaint was true, and I didn’t even tie them
  • even though they have been out for only a few months, they were already being sold at half-off.

Wow Godaddy Servers Are So Slow!

What a performance disaster. No wonder my site stats have gone to zero.

Houston – We Have a Minor Problem

The site was moved from a windows server to a linux server, and it broke my Gallery2 photo gallery. Poof. The guess from the webhost is that Gallery2 was so old, that it’s architecture simply can’t work in a linux environment.
So I’ve installed Gallery3, which from what I’ve heard is already ancient and is no longer being supported by the creators. (sarcastic “YAY!”) There’s not too many gallery programs to run on websites. Most folks nowadays dump their photos on facebook, and that’s that.
Gallery3 cannot be customized. From what I see there are different themes for Gallery3, and maybe one day I’ll try them out (to give a more appealing look), but for now it’ll stay the default theme.
I would have been nice if the folks at flickr hadn’t ruined that site. Flickr use to be able to create embeded photo albums for wordpress, but the folks at flickr, well… No one knows why flickr ruined their website.
Doesn’t matter, pork is mainly a site that I write short, choppy sentences about running.