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Ugh. Sick. Cold.

So I go from having one of the best runs I have ever had, to a few days later, laid-up with a cold. This bug took a week to fully develop. Thinking I was just tired/sore from my great run, I had a couple horrible runs. After those two miserable runs, it’s been cough-cough, hack-hack, bones & muscles aching, my sinuses making my teeth hurt.
But when will it be all right to run again?

2014 Celma Mastry Ovarian Cancer Foundation One Step Closer to the Cure 5k

It was a good day to run. Since June my 5k run times have been anywhere between 27:00 – 29:00~. Post surgery, summer blazing heat, excuses, excuses. (but seriously, the heat, I’ve been running with an average heat index of 97° the last two months) The 2013 Celma Mastry had a start time of 8:30am, the humidity was thru the roof, and I ran it in 29:00. Miserable.
This year, the moved the start time to 7:00am. Joy! The temperature was 77°! Splendid. Twenty degrees cooler than what I’m used to running. So much so, that I think I kept a little in reserve.
The start was good, only a couple walkers in the start corral, a little traffic on the main straight out, but made a really nice break through them for the first 300 meters. I was passed by a few young folks up to the Pier. No problem, there were also a few people that had blown themselves out, and were already walking by the time we got to the Pier turn.
2014 Celma Mastry 5k Map
I have dreaded the Pier. It’s such a long stretch, I just stare at the ground because it breaks my spirit. Somewhere on the Pier road I picked up on a member of the St Pete Road Runners group, and fell into a pace a few yards behind her. It would be this way from the 2 kilometer mark, to the end fourth kilometer.
I think her pace fell off slightly, and I could hear a group of people coming up from behind, which was disconcerting. So although I had passed the person I was pacing, we were both overtaken by a half-dozen younger folks. (probably in their late 20’s or 30’s) There was still a kilometer left, and it was too early to push.
Once I got down to the Dali, I had that same dread as the Pier. The final turn for the finish was around the corner, and I couldn’t see it. I got passed by a couple more people. But there was still a few hundred meters left. What to do? Now with the finish banner in sight, I picked up the pace. Pretty sure I passed all the people that had passed me in the last kilometer. There were a couple people that finished a second ahead of me that stopped moving, right on the finish line. I almost ran them over. Little tip folks, run through the finish, and slow down in the exit corral. Otherwise you could have a clumsy 200 lb. man truck you. I finished with a 26 minute run. That’s chopping off 2-3 minutes off my average run time. It was a good run.
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