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Oof! Gravity Tackled Me


I’ve always known that I would eventually fall down. With my knee problem I really have to watch the surface as I run.  One wrong step,  and our would zap my arthritis pain. 
But there I was running at night,  on a group run, went from a lit path,  to a fall area. I knew instantly,  that my foot landed an inch or two below the pavement. Still in motion,  I looked down at my foot to realize there was a slab of sidewalk missing,  and my toe was up against the far edge. 
That edge grabbed the toe of my shoe like a bear trap and yanked me to the ground.
As I began my plummet to the ground, I put my hands down,  and arched my neck so that my chin was up. I didn’t want to break my fall with my face. My forward momentum negated all that.  I sort of did a bounce/slide on the heals of my hands,  elbow,  and knee. And of course that loud “OOF!”
I expected to hear laughs from people,  it was in a park after all. But I think it was so dark that people heard the oof, but with me in the dark & on the ground people were unable to see what happened.
Finished the last kilometer of my run. Was not seriously hurt. Glad it all worked out. 
Usually I run with some sort of knee brace or strap,  can’t remember the last time I ran naked,  so of course that would be right where I would impact the ground.

Fitbit Zip Review

Hey been a long time. I’m having a serious calf issue, that I was hoping would go away. Not so much.

But for Christmas, some relatives were nice to give me a Fitbit Zip! Already the proud owner of a Garmin Forerunner 220, I don’t have much use for the Zip.

My running was prompted when I was given a pedometer from my workplace. I used it, tracked my step-count on a spreadsheet, and eventually a person at work turned me onto a dongel that hooked into an iPod, that would track this stuff on Nike+. And out went the old clip-on pedometer and spreadsheet.

The Fitbit Zip is nice that it does all the tracking, and uploads to the fitbit website. *Warning, the next part of the review turns dark. This is where the little pedometer turns into the 400 lb gorilla. The software.

OH.MY.GOD. The software is a resource hog. Without it actually doing anything, it is chewing up the cpu. I don’t know what it is actually doing to be so busy, but it is. (Hello NSA?) Why don’t I just turn it off?

There is no “exit” available from the system tray icon. Yep, all the other user add-ons will almost always have an “exit” or “quit,” not the fitbit. Bring up the main panel, surely there would be a menu to exit the program. Nope.

To kill off this 400 lb monster you have to go thru your task manager, and kill the process there. You are tracking steps fitbit, why are you stalking me? So needy.

Creating a fitbit account was a little over-the-top, and again needing more than I want to give. It could hook into your facebook(or your google-plus account, which a lot of people would like, but I don’t need facebook to track my activities. (we all know that facebook is selling our data right? But is facebook giving me a cut of the action? Nope.) So I created my own account.

It was simple enough, email address, password, the usual stuff until it got very specific and wanted my “real name.” You can give your real name, but I chose not to. Why? The site is only counting steps, you don’t need anything else real about me. Let’s just be friends fitbit, let’s not get so serious.

The zip is useful, it’s small, it’s a neutral color that people won’t really latch on to. The software, oh that horrible software. Unforgivable.

*3-21-2015 update.

My gripe is still with the oh-so-horrible the software for the computer. The app seems to hook into the fitbit with no problem. Their software takes about 5 minutes to uninstall. It even asks you to kill it’s own process with a DOS window. I swear the software was written by kids in a vo-tech shop class. Fitbit, when I need your software to update, and I click the install button, you don’t need my permission to do every little thing. JUST DO IT. Once it’s finished with the uninstall, that’s it. It stops. Oh, that’s right I was trying to update the software, but the installer is such a mess (like the rest of the fitbit software), that you then have to go back and ask it to install.
I’m not a newbie to software. FORTRAN, RPG, C, Rbase, Dbase… I’m old, but your 2015 software is a qualified disaster.