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2015 St Pete GP 5k

Well, almost 5k. Closer to 4.87 kilometers. (I’ll write more later, I’m tired.)

More pics:


Saucony Breakthru

Last year I bought a pair of Saucony Kinvara 5’s, and within 30 miles my toe was poking through the fabric. It was around that time I realized the soles were showing a lot of wear and tear. Still, they worked.

A week ago I bought the new (2015) Saucony Breakthru. The fabric seems to be a lot more durable. I’ve worn them on a couple of short runs, and they work, but the soles of my feet are getting hot in them. Something isn’t rubbing right. I think it’s just a matter of my feet building some more callous.

More later.
*3-21-2015 update
Got a couple weeks of usage. I like the Saucony Breakthru shoe.
They are a lot like the Kinvara 5. The fabric in the Breakthru is more durable than the Kinvara 5. The sole of the Kinvara 5 while softer & prone to wear & tear is stiffer then the Breakthru.
This is where it’s hard to tell you about the sole. The Kinvara 5 was softer, but more rigid than the Breakthru. It blows my mind to convey that, but the Breakthru has a sole that is more durable, but is more flexible than the Kinvara 5. But just by a shade.
I like a flexible sole. So finding the Breakthru is a win for me. The Breakthru is really just an improved Kinvara. Some folks are going to love Kinvara’s, and they are ok for me, but the Breakthru is a better match for my feet & calves.

The Breakthru will be a shoe that I will have to buy a second pair, for future usage.