Monthly Archives: April 2016

Moving From Kinvara 5’s to Kinvara 7’s


It was bound to happen. I bought the Kinvara 5’s a few years back, and swore by them even after a couple weeks when my big toe broke through. Light, comfy, flexible sole, and wide enough. Eventually the insole¬†wore out, and the hot spots & blisters happened. Sending tweets to Saucony, and never getting a reply. I bought the Saucony Breakthru’s, and they were okay. But they weren’t Kinvara’s. At the beginning of 2016 I bought a pair of Saucony Triumph ISO 2.

The Triumph was just a little more shoe than I wanted. Tiny bit big all over. Tiny bit heavier. Harumph. So instead of sending another tweet to Saucony, I sent an email, and told them about my Kinvara 5 insoles. Within two weeks, Saucony sent me a fresh pair of insoles, and thanked me for my dedication to Saucony.

Finally Saucony released the Kinvara 7. Joyousness & Joyosity! Pretty much the ride & feel of the 5. I got about 30+ miles in them already, and my big toe isn’t popping thru!