2012 St Pete Creaky Bones 5k

The Pier2012 St Pete Creaky Bones 5k2012 St Pete Creaky Bones 5k2012 St Pete Creaky Bones 5k

2012 St Pete Creaky Bones 5k, a set on Flickr.

On second thought (two days before) I decided I would sign up for the race.
I’ve been hobbled by arthritis pain & swelling in my knees the last few months, so I haven’t been running very much. Knowing that I would turn in a poor performance was keeping me from entering.
My time this year was a minute and a half slower than last year, which isn’t bad on paper. Thing is, last year I lost two minutes at the start and felt like a PB was possible.
This year’s Creaky Bones race had the Start/Finish line located behind The Pier in St Pete. So the slow congested release only had to last half a lap around The Pier, and not the whole way around it.
Factors in the race: The wind! Not too bad, but only an issue on the inbound trek back onto the Pier. Another factor: Kids! wow, there were some REALLY fast kids in this race. I mean four & five years old and gutting it out – impressive! For my listening pleasure I queued-up DJ Kurch’s iClub Deep mix. (great running soundtrack – heck great soundtrack all around) Afterwards they had beers behind the Pier for the racers. Heck, it must have been a great race, free beer!

(run soundtrack)

Creaky Bones St Pete 2012 Route

Sorry for the poor image quality, Nike has decided to make their maps look terrible. (last year Nike had excellent imagery)

Results from the 2012 St Pete Creaky Bones

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