Random 5 Mile Run on the Beach

I’ve run 5k races on the beach before, and soon realized that running in the sand can be pretty tough.

Recently I had run 10 miles in my neighborhood, and figured I could run a little farther on the beach. Not 10 miles on the beach farther, but at least a run farther than 3 miles. The southbound leg of four kilometers was a slow, even pace. Touched the jetty on the south-end of Pass-A-Grille Beach, and began the return leg north. Brutal.

The wind was blowing me backwards the whole way. Very demanding, very slow slog back to the Dolphin Beach parking access. Glad I did it. I’m thinking of it as a strength builder. Both mental & physical. There were a few times when that internal voice was telling me to stop.

All in preparation for the February Rock ‘N Roll Half-Marathon.

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