St Pete Grand Prix 5k

I’ll flesh this post out a little more later on today, but the St Pete GP 5k was finally announced this week. It’ll be held Friday March 28th 2014.

From there, things get fuzzy. The link above says race start time is 6:30, the registration window says 6:15pm.

There was little race info given on the St Pete GP website, so I contacted the organizer referenced on that page and was given info that didn’t make a whole lot of 5k race sense.

The article makes no mention of the start/finish line, advance packet pick-up, or if there will be a courtesy Friday Grand Prix general admission ticket.

I emailed the contact on the info page and was told:

  1. Start/finish line will be at the traditional point near the Vinoy (same as previous years).
  2. There will be NO ADVANCE PACKET PICK-UP
  3. No courtesy Friday practice grand prix ticket.

The no advance packet pick-up is a problem, and hints that the organizers may not fully understand what race organization involves. May.

After I went for a run, I came back did another google search, and found an info page for the registration site, and THAT page makes a whole lot of 5k race sense, and I’m going to ignore what the out of state organizer was saying.

The info page on the registration site spells it all out, complete with an advance packet pick-up, free Friday GP practice ticket….all that.

Looks like all the organizational stuff will be handled by Fit2run in St Pete.

Sorry for any confusion that the out of state organizer gave me. Situation normal.

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  1. Hi! I’m the owner of (the online registration company the Grand Prix 5k is using for the race). I saw your blog post and figured I’d reach out to you to see if there is any other data you or your readers need? I can contact the Race Director for you, if needed. We setup the info page you referenced that has the complete & correct info for the race.

  2. I think it’s all set now. My original confusion (and probably other folks), is that the St Pete Grand Prix website links to page two of the 5k registration. The information for the 5k is on page one
    The article on the had a contact listed at something called, which I had submitted my questions. To which I received an email response with bad information. see below
    Thank you for your email and interest in the 2014 Firestone Grand Prix of St. Petersburg 5K.
    Regarding your questions,
    1. Yes, a packet will be provided to you when you arrive the evening of the 5K.
    2. Yes, the 5K will featuring electronic timing
    3. As the 5K takes place on the Friday evening (March 28), we will not be providing Friday tickets or any other FGPSP tickets this year.
    4. I have attached a track map. The 5K will begin by The Vinoy Hotel and proceed south on Bayshore until runners enter the race track on Turn 9. From there the runners head right (opposite direction of the race drivers) and follow around the track and eventually exit on Turn 9. Runners will proceed north on Bayshore and the 5K will end back by The Vinoy.
    I hope this answers some of your questions adequately and you will participate in the 5K!
    Giles Dowden
    Firestone Grand Prix of St. Petersburg

    as you can see the information in the email is a lot different than the info page at racersignup
    I did manage to stumble onto the info page via multiple google searches, and the info provided there was enough for me to feel confident in registering.
    My site doesn’t get a lot of traffic, but my doubts in the St Pete GP 5K were built on a recent local history of other races being canceled, and the bad info coming from the email above.
    I’ll be there, hopefully the rain will stop by then.

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